Wc3isk v2.1 RC 7 – Warcraft 3 Inventory Hotkey

Wc3isk v2.1 RC 7 – Warcraft 3 Inventory Hotkey

Wc3isk or Warcraft III Inventory Short Key is a support tool for warcraft III. The other name of this tool is Active Inventory HotKey. This tool is just like a keyboard driver, not like other tools, it does not hack into Warcraft III. So, it is safe to use with battle.net or Garena.

– Support Multimedia Keyboard and Gaming Keyboard.
– Support 5-buttons Wheel Mouse.
– Support chatting (native) (v2.1 or newer).
– Work like a keyboard driver.
– Does not hack into Warcraft III or Garena.
– Legal to all Anti-Virus.
– Only one single file, extract and run.
– Very Small (77KBs).

– Config dialog auto show up when running program for the first time.
– Keyboard control software (eg: Setpoint, itouch…) should be turn off.
– Keyboard Hot-key ON/OFF (F7) can be changed.
– You can press hot-key while holding Shift for way point function.
– Enable Wheel support will also lock scroll wheel.
– In Windows Vista/7, Wc3isk must run under administrator privilege (Run as Administrator).
– Alt-F4 is reserved for fast closing.
– To know which keys are available for hot-key, please read “Readme.txt”.
– Annoying balloon tips can be disabled in tab “Info…”.
– Series v2.1 are special builds for DoTA, maybe incompatible with other maps.
– Version for x86 system will also work in x64 system but it comes with some unexpected bugs.

– SPACE is not working. You want it, you pay for it. You have to accept that so-call buggy.
– Number button (above button QWERTY) when use with Shift will make conflict. Combination Shift + [1] will set [1] with function “focus on hero” also overridden numpad function. There is no cure for this, not for version 2.1rc7 or older version.







wc3isk v2.1 RC7 -Change key [space] into available Hotkey.
wc3isk v2.1 RC6 -Fix silly mouse bug ‘out side’ war3, occur in wc3isk v2.1 rc5
-Fix mouse hotkey serious bug (one mouse click and there goes 16 times hotkey)
-Fix button [`].
-Fix minor bugs in key/mouse capture engine.
-V2.1 series are special builds for DoTA, other map may be incompatible.
wc3isk v2.1 RC4 -Re-construct the whole key capture engine.
-Make new rules on assigning hot-key.
-Support chatting (native).
-Minor tweaks on GUI.
-Put option Show Config on start.
-Minor tweaks on mouse capture.
-Bugs fix in wc3isk v2.1 rc3.
-Fix minor bug in chatting and in new key capture engine.
-V2.1 series are special builds for DoTA, other map may be incompatible.
wc3isk v2.0+ -Core engine from v2.1 RC2
-Remove chat support feature to make it compatible with all maps.
wc3isk v2.0f -Release on Dec-1-2009.
-Already known as final version.
-Windows 7 supported.
-Update some minor functions.
-Auto acquire Admin Privilege (use with Garena).
wc3isk v2.0d -Fix Keyboard Hot-key bugs in v2.0c.
-Fix Wheel issues.
-Add function: “Enable Mouse Support” for who want mouse capture.
-Improve Mouse capture engine.
-Add function: “Disable Wheel Scroll”.
-F8 – Toggle ON/OFF keyboard Hot-key.
wc3isk v1.0d -ESC will now cancel assign key.
-Fix some issues when assign one key to more than one button.
-Decrease picture size by convert to JPEG and load with JPEG support lib.
-Improve key detect engine.
-Support multimedia keyboard.
-Fix some minor issues.
-Tweak on executable file size.
wc3isk v1.0: -The first stable version.